My favorite images taken for my friends wedding @ Woodland Park Hotel Cobham Surrey

These are my favorite images that I took for my friends wedding back in January 2014

IMG_5070blk IMG_5090 IMG_5091 IMG_5179_1omi


Spread a little happiness

Last Saturday (27/07/13) whilst shooting Shaun and Katrina’s wedding photography on Wandsworth common in London I witnessed one of the kindest gestures. A lovely man approached the happy couple during the shoot to hand them two glasses of Champagne, he was from the local bar located outside of the common and he said that he saw us when we entered the park and was looking for us. This topped off the day and I managed to capture the moment.

Many people stopped and congratulated the couple and complemented them, one thing that I notice when covering weddings is that weddings and seeing happy couples seems to have a positive effect on others.

It makes you think!

~spread a little happiness~


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