Reportage Photography (the photo journalistic approach) and my new Photo Booth service

Reportage Photography

More and more couples are opting for a slightly less traditional approach to their wedding photography with many choosing reportage or photo journalistic approach.

My coverage is with a photo journalistic approach taking photographs during the wedding or event using an alternative approach where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. Much like photojournalists for the media, wedding photojournalists present the story of the day through your photographs, I also combine this with the traditional formal shots.


A new sensation being seen ore and more on wedding days are the new photo booth which allows the couple and guest to take pictures with props. I now offer photo-booth Style photography the difference is rather than stepping into a booth or having a booth that may take up space I set up a back drop and provide props. This also provides ore space for a more creative picture. It also costs a little less than hiring a booth.

Please ask me via my contact page about this new service. I will be launching a competition for my new photo booth set up very soon so watch this space.   Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

Below are some examples of why reportage photographs are something special!

Let me start with this image taken at a wedding. I captured a moment between a little girl and her dad. She is helping him to do his tie. Priceless!


Capturing the happy emotions!


Capturing the small details


This image was taken at a 1st birthday party when the guest of honor got a little sleepy


At the same party mum, brother and sister are playing


This image was taken of a Bride & Groom traveling to their reception in the rain.


Capturing Cheeky Grins






Bridal Preps


Dashing Brides


Cheeky Kisses


This is my favorite image which shows how great reportage photography is a photographer that practices this can capture moments quickly.

Children are so unpredictable but express their feelings clearly! This little  one clearly did not want his picture taken.

But he made us laugh so much, I had so much fun with it.


Lets have some real fun with this situation! I absolutely love it!



1st Birthday Party photography tomorrow (getting into my capture zone)

I have a 1st birthday party booking tomorrow which will be great.

I love photographing children as well as being cute they are very photogenic and heaven to capture, this situated in a lovely building which will produce great shots.

The family are lovely and I can not wait to meet them, right now I am prepping my camera and bag.

I will post a few images in a few days.

I love the Strobist

I am a big fan of Strobist which is a blogger who dedicates his blog to the art of good lighting.

The Strobist is so talented and I think he is so kind to take the time to teach and display his work so others may benefit.

I am currently working through some of his suggested techniques and I will be posting some of my outcomes.

However I will always be a fan of natural lighting conditions and this really is my style and preference of photography (of course I use flash when needed and I use it well) but learning some new lighting techniques with flash will be very helpful.

I am also looking for a new 1 or 2 day course to perfect my lighting technique and I plan on taking a few trips in the name of photography watch this space.


Check out his website below and I will also add more inspirational people I follow, books and websites.