You get what you pay for!

Cheaper is not always best you got the dress, booked the venue, band, flowers, food, drinks, jewellery, make up artist! You hired the suits, cars, linen and chair covers! You planned the day for months maybe years and paid more than you planned for!

You then have the time of your life and scrimped on one thing!
The photography!
This element may seem like a small thing or you may feel that you rather cut back or get a friend or relative to shoot the most important day of your life but please rethink.

Photography tells the story of your special day it captures emotions and little stories to share for years to come. I am not advising you to pay over the odds for this one thing but I am asking you to choose wisely choose with that thought embedded in your mind! The amount of brides that have told me about their experience and not having images they dreamt of from their chosen photographer on their day is incredible! Your day deserves to have the best so choose the best photographer that you can skill wise. Budget does not mean that you can not choose someone who is skill-full!

I have experience and yet I am affordable very competitive! I am passionate and love weddings the emotion the laughter and the tears.

Of course if you choose to have a simple wedding and this element is not a top priority for you than ignore my rambles.

I want to share this little note which speaks volumes you get what you pay for! X



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